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Dungeon Defender's Layout planner. Helps you to plan out your strategies and save / share your map layouts with other members of the community.

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Layout #14806 for Alchemical Laboratory Average Rating: 5 (2 ratings)
Layout #31751 for Alchemical Laboratory Average Rating: 5 (2 ratings)
Layout #27516 for Sky of Love Average Rating: 4.9 (2 ratings) Try for NM =) One guy at North Crytsal and other on South Crystal !!! And ONE do cupple ;)
Layout #13433 for The Deeper Well Average Rating: 4.9 (3 ratings) Hardcore Mythical Defender Achievement Deeper Well Nightmare Hardcore Complete Place the Lightning and Fireball Towers next, followed by the remainder of the MMs. Lay the Healing Aura last. Upgrade the Magic Barricades as needed. Safest spot to stand is on top of the crystal. ~ Dax
Layout #20987 for Sky of Love Average Rating: 4.89 (3 ratings)
Layout #22691 for Royal Gardens Average Rating: 4.89 (3 ratings) Challenge: Moving Core (Nightmare) This is a messy challenge if you are doing it solo. Best to have a teammate (preferred range dps) on this one, but solo is still possible with decent gear. Was able to complete the challenge first try with this layout. Did this with: Active Builder Squire with dps weapon and Genie 419/393/276/328 Hero 493/773 Abilities 790/808/382/203 Tower 81/66/23/67 Resists Wave 1 Build: Collect all chests and build the two harpoons and two bouncers for...
Layout #16883 for Endless Spires Average Rating: 4.89 (2 ratings) This is for endless spirals HC MM Survival. Build all the barricades plus the 4 corner magic missiles in the middle plus the 2 magic missiles facing north spawn. Use a genie and start building the rest of the towers during the spawn. Note: All towers in the middle of the map are angled to cover the other towers the 2 side entrances. Range of 530 lets me accomplish this, I'm not sure how low the range can go and still be successful in covering everything. On the north spawn, there is a magic ...
Layout #13208 for Foundries and Forges Average Rating: 4.88 (5 ratings) Hardcore Mythical Defender Achievement Foundries and Forges Nightmare Hardcore Complete After the first wave, get the Auras up. The Enrage and Healing Auras take priority. If you have enough mana, put up the Ensnare Auras too. Place the Lightning Towers next and put up the remaining MMs when you have the mana. When upgrading you should prioritise the Enrage and Ensnare Auras, the Magic Barricades, and the two MMs you placed during the first wave. Swap to a DPS character to help bring down t...
Layout #26393 for Moraggo Desert Town Average Rating: 4.88 (6 ratings) HC NM SURVIVAL MM moraggo desert town. north crystal harpoon very important placement for wyverns.
Layout #11477 for The Throne Room Average Rating: 4.88 (2 ratings)