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Dungeon Defender's Layout planner. Helps you to plan out your strategies and save / share your map layouts with other members of the community.

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Layout #26656 for Magus Quarters Average Rating: 4.99 (2 ratings) Easy walk to wave 14, then your stats make or break you. A hunter helps, as wyverns will eventually overpower the poonz.
Layout #26257 for Servants Quarters Average Rating: 4.98 (3 ratings) NM HC Squire/Countess Build Nothing interesting to see on this map. The 6 "internal" bouncers should end up covering most (but not all) of the spider spawn points, and shouldn't have mana wasted building them in the first wave. Otherwise, it's a bouncer & crossbow set-up per monster path. The L-shaped path in the northwestern corner will often have Elf Mages that will never come out from around the corner of their own accord, and will sometimes end up body blocking other monsters from headi...
Layout #19006 for Mistymire Forest Average Rating: 4.95 (2 ratings)
Layout #13091 for Mistymire Forest Average Rating: 4.91 (2 ratings) First round: http://html5.cubicleninja.com/cubicleninja/html5/dd/index.htm?layout=12275 DONT FORGET TO LOOT MANA FROM THE SHROOM GUYS!
Layout #27516 for Sky of Love Average Rating: 4.9 (2 ratings) Try for NM =) One guy at North Crytsal and other on South Crystal !!! And ONE do cupple ;)
Layout #21518 for Alchemical Laboratory Average Rating: 4.89 (2 ratings) Alchemical Laboratory Campaign Nightmare TOWER SQUIRE FLAWLESS BUILD SQUIRE STATS 376/437/231/488 (hero) 709/530/254/344 (tower) App/Hunt Guardian is recommended, but I've done it with a low tier genie. BUILD INFO Bouncers are placed at spider spawn locations (note: some spiders spawn elsewhere) and double as meat shield. Harpoons are for ogres and general dps. Bowling ball to use of last of DU, kill any spiders/mobs that happen to make it by (very rare) and extra damage for boss. UPGRADES...
Layout #27545 for Alchemical Laboratory Average Rating: 4.88 (3 ratings) Squire / monk NM HC Campaign defences to kill the Boss. Worked 5.4.2012. Squire stats: 800/1300/950/1100 Monk stats: 1000/700/1000/550 On first wave build spike blockades and the two left most harpoons. Should work ok with lower stats. If monk aura does not reach both rightmost stairs, you could try selling one of the harpoons to make 2 ensnare auras instead of one. Use the leftover points to build an extra healing/electric aura or a bouncer next to the bowling ball turrets.
Layout #30684 for Moraggo Desert Town Average Rating: 4.88 (2 ratings) I do that for Boss Fight Lvl !!!^^ The last 7 DU i take one last harpon for Boss who came ;) So i do that "easy going" ;) so you can build that in NM Survival ;) Need Huntress Guards and good player they know what they doing ;) Greetz Vegeta10000
Layout #17740 for Uber MonsterFest Average Rating: 4.87 (3 ratings) Start off by placing the huntress traps. Then switch to your monk and place the auras. Once the auras are placed, get on your Squire. Having a genie is not necessary and probably will need the extra dps with the guardians. Wave 1 goes like this. Go to next link for the final setup.
Layout #17213 for Endless Spires Average Rating: 4.87 (3 ratings) How to: Complete NM HC Endless Spires in entry-level myth gear with squire towers New and Improved Layout! 7.16a Squire stats (Active) 268/186/158/156 hero 229/487/153/273 tower 28/23/13/24 nm resist after taking off my gloves and helm to lower my stats Mediocre 6k dmg 99% block sword a 90-99% block stat on your weapon is VERY useful for this. A weapon of this quality can be acquired from earlier waves. Took me about 50 upgrades to get it to 6k damage Apprentice Tower Health Stat: 165! ...